Lux by Socialocca. All Rights Reserved.
Lux by Socialocca. All Rights Reserved.

Promo Reel

Our Lux team has worked on a variety of different projects.

Here are some of our favorite cuts!


We'll write the script, shoot, and edit your next commercial. You just grab the popcorn and sit tight.

Green Screen

Utilize HD green screen technology to take your video promotion anywhere you want it (literally!)

Music Videos

We're not afraid to get a bit edgy. In fact, working on music videos is one of our favorite styles to shoot!

Social Media

Promo Videos

Optimized for social virility. Let's make something that'll 'wow' your followers!


Funky. Creative. Fun.

What can we animate for you?

Explanatory Video

Define your product, service, or whatever needs to be presented better to your audience.

Animated Logo

Bring your logo to life with eye catching animation.

Tech Promo

Stay ahead of the curve with trendy video production to highlight new victories and accomplishments.

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