Lux by Socialocca. All Rights Reserved.
Lux by Socialocca. All Rights Reserved.


Photography, Videography, & Visual Media Solutions

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Adaptive Visual Solutions

Lux is Socialocca's visual media offshoot. We have a unique approach to multi-media marketing. We don't believe in cookie cutter productions. Each of our projects is tailored to meet the needs of our client in both it's style and substance. We pride ourselves on being able to produce custom visual media solutions to fit the needs of any person or organization.


At Lux we provide a full service photography experience. We are ready to provide service from conception to delivery. For those who don't have time to worry about the little things, we have you covered. Everything from hair and makeup to catering for the shoot. Our team of photographers have shot everything from product photos to portraits to live events and sports. 

Video Production

At Lux we provide a full service video experience.  Don't have a script for your commercial? Let our staff writers put something together for you. We can cover every aspect of your production, from writing your scripts, to special effects. Our team here has experience in just about every avenue of video production.
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